The corporate media has been a clown show for years, but their face paint and red noses are never more visible than during a change of administration.

We’re not even three weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency, and already we’ve seen the media perform impressive contortions to paint their favorite candidate in the most positive light. After four years of vicious, relentless attacks on the Trump administration, the media have transformed from supposed guardians of the truth to cheerleaders for the commander-in-chief.

Here’s a great example. After excoriating President Donald Trump for housing migrant children in “tent cities,” calling them “inhumane” and “horrific,” the leftist media hasn’t said anything about the Biden administration’s announcement that it plans to hold 700 migrant children in “semi-permanent (soft-sided)” structures.

It’s possible the media doesn’t understand how euphemisms work, so let me spell it out for them: “semi-permanent” and “soft-sided” means “tents.”

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Here’s another one: the Daily Best reported that the Biden administration is asking reporters what questions they plan to ask during White House briefings. Presumably, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki doesn’t want to be embarrassed by not knowing the answer to a question (or by accidentally letting something slip).

Have any journalists outside of Daily Best stepped up and asked Psaki what she’s trying to hide by getting the questions in advance? Nope. None of them seem to care. But if Kayleigh McEnany or Sarah Huckabee Sanders had asked for the same favor, it would have led the news for days.

And let’s not forget how the media has conveniently forgotten about Joe Biden’s racist comments during the election. When’s the last time you heard about Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment that demeaned the millions of black Republicans in America?

You haven’t heard about it because the media wants to hide it. The same can’t be said for any of President Trump’s controversial statements.

Complaining about the media has become a varsity sport among conservative and libertarian commentators. I get that. But here’s why it’s important: a biased mainstream media destroys unity in this country.

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If the American people felt like they were getting the objective, unbiased truth from the largest media corporations, we could at least come together around an agreed-upon set of facts. We’d still disagree on the extent of our country’s problems and how to fix them, but we’d be able to agree about what’s happening on our southern border, how COVID-19 affects schoolchildren, or why the president signed his latest executive order.

As it is, we disagree on even the most basic facts because the leftism of the corporate media has forced conservatives to find their own sources of information. Some of those sources are reliable. Others are just the right’s version of the left’s lies and radicalism.

If we want unity, the media must stop acting as the PR wing of the Democratic party and do their duty for the good of our country.

I’m not holding my breath.

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