If you chose to not get the Covid-19 vaccine, you lack problem-solving skills and are likely xenophobic, a blatantly subjective medical study finds.

As ridiculous as it may sound to self-governing individuals, the medical world is still trying to bash the minority who opted out of the societal pressures. 

The study, called “Not Getting Vaccinated? It Is a Matter of Problem-Solving Abilities and Socio-Cognitive Polarization,” aims to make conclusions that hold up a vaccine narrative now slipping. 

The study asserts “in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, our results showed conservative beliefs, clustered in the larger construct of SCP, to be specifically associated with anti-vaccine attitudes.”

It describes vaccine skeptics as people who are less open to new information and alternative viewpoints.

“As reported in the literature, anti-vaccine attitude is linked to a specific political orientation and social/racial beliefs, with more conservative, right-leaning people being more likely to develop anti-vaccination attitudes and lower vaccination uptake,” the report reads.

Does accepting any man-made concoction by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies indicate a state of obedience to the system?

The study didn’t mention that. 


“This tendency can be explained by the widespread belief in a limited role of the US government in managing the affairs of citizens.”

In summary, wanting limited government in your life is equal to being a far-right, close-minded, extremist who can’t find solutions. Turns out the government didn’t want the public to know of any other (inexpensive) solutions to the virus.

If that’s the way the medical world wants to describe critical thinkers, so be it. It only further validates the idea that most of our “health care” is not about personal autonomy and individual choice. Everything trails back to the big bucks and Big Pharma.

How can we trust scientific studies anymore when they have politicized messages like this? 

These ludicrous suggestions are intended to dismiss alternative ideas. Never before has shame been pushed onto individuals for choosing to not surrender to experimental health procedures.

Those of us who “lack” problem-solving skills and still managed to survive the pandemic possess what’s called critical thinking skills, a far more valuable trait.

Let’s see a medical study on self-governing, independent thinkers. We already know what that would find (a lot smaller profit margins).

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.