This week’s Axios story accusing conservatives of creating an “echo chamber” of right-wing social media companies, phones, cryptocurrencies, and publishing houses created a social echo chamber itself.

CNN’s Brian Stelter widely shared the article, and the progressive Twitterverse decried the horror of outlets and companies that value freedom of expression.

This isn’t the first time Stelter has wrung his hands about the conservative echo chamber.

Last year, the CNN host voiced his “concern” about how people are “going more and more into their own echo chambers, more and more into their own bubbles, especially Trump voters.”

In 2018, he said the same.

Here’s the news flash for Stelter: it’s not an echo chamber, it’s an ecosystem — and this is just the beginning.

This new conservative ecosystem will encompass media, certainly, but it will also include so much more: alternative social media platforms, hosting, email service providers, security services, customer relations management systems, banking, investment services, health,car, auto, home — as well as every other kind of  insurance.

It will include consumer goods as well: athletic wear, groceries, medical supplies, books, guns and ammunition — actually, never mind, we already have those — toys, and electronics.

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But if the left wing pundits like Brian Stelter don’t like that the country is decoupling along party lines, they should buy a mirror.

It’s the left that caused this. Not us.

The left demanded that companies trash conservative American values, fire conservative employees, and quit doing business with anyone who didn’t swear allegiance to the progressive agenda.

This small, but vocal, minority demanded that the majority of Americans go along with their virtue signaling, America hating, non-binary, socialist revolution.

Anyone who disagreed deserved damnation and whatever job-ending, censoring, digital gulag the mob could get away with.

The liberal media fantasized about, and then openly pushed for the day, when conservatives would be ostracized by society, outcast, and otherwise not welcome, not wanted, and unable to fend for ourselves.

Well, that day has arrived, with one very notable exception.

Conservative, mainstream Americans are showing they don’t need the left and their digital empires. Conservatives are more than able to fend for ourselves.

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