A Southwest pilot flying from Las Vegas, Nevada to Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday experienced an incapacitating health emergency that required the plane to return to Las Vegas less than an hour into the flight.

Thankfully, a passenger aboard the plane was a credentialed pilot for a different airline. The passenger entered the cockpit to assist in radio communication while the plane returned to Las Vegas. 

“The captain became incapacitated while enroute. He’s in the back of the aircraft right now with a flight attendant, but we need to get him on an ambulance immediately,” a crew member is heard saying in air traffic control audio from LiveATC.net.

A nurse also aboard the plane assisted the pilot; once back at the gate, the pilot reportedly walked off the plane and was then transferred to a medical facility. 

“A credentialed Pilot from another airline, who was on board, entered the Flight Deck and assisted with radio communication while our Southwest Pilot flew the aircraft,” airline spokesperson Chris Perry said.

No specific diagnosis was shared with the public, which brings into question several health incidents among pilots.

A flying instructor suffered a heart attack while in the air and died last summer, details a recently released report by the U.K.’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

Additionally, an American Airlines pilot suffered cardiac arrest just minutes after landing a plane with 200 passengers. The pilot blamed the Covid-19 shot his company forced him to get in order to retain his job. 

While Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is recommending a process be established to update pilot medical requirements following a 2021 crash that may be linked to a pilot suffering a heart attack, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration eased its cardiac health requirements for airline pilots last October. 

While many questioned the move and connected it to the cardiac issues reported from the Covid-19 vaccine, AP News reported that “this change was made in response to new scientific evidence about the condition from its cardiology consultants, not adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.”


These tragic incidents are cause for concern, but the federal government is not saying that. The government, along with corporate America, pinned employees down with the “choice” to either get vaccinated or resign from their jobs.

There was no room for self-governance, and now our society faces whatever consequences arise from mob rule over personal health.