By God’s perfect design, parents have been entrusted with the huge responsibility of raising their children. Churches, communities, and yes, even the state, may contribute to that process, but the responsibility ultimately belongs to the parents.

In a healthy culture or home, the enormous weight of this God-given responsibility will be reflected in what is often referred to as the “Mother Bear Instinct.” Just as a mother bear will defend her cubs from any perceived threat, parents who take their parenting obligations seriously will instinctively shield their children from harm, whether it comes in the form of a physical predator or harmful information.

In today’s world, the latter is particularly relevant. Especially over the past few months, a great awakening has occurred as parents have come to realize that the information being exposed to their children in the public schools is often inappropriate and contrary to traditional American values. 

When faced with this revelation, parents have intuitively risen to the occasion to protect their families, resulting in a massive surge of school board meeting “protests.” Ranging from unhinged disruptors who scream inappropriate threats and insults at school board members to composed mothers and fathers who genuinely want only what is best for their children, all have one thing in common; an instinctive desire to save the vulnerable youth from what is perceived to be an attempt at degenerate indoctrination.

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But now, it appears that the Biden Administration may be weaponizing the government against these parents. 

Earlier this week, The Department of Justice (DOJ) notified the FBI of its intentions to “address” what it called “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.”

To be fair, some parents have, in my opinion, taken their protests way too far, and no amount of righteous anger can justify unrighteous behaviour, but as the Convention of States Project pointed out, the DOJ has not yet “offered a single, credible instance of illegal activity that warrants federal involvement.” 

So, while left-leaning defenders of the DOJ’s decision have preferred to highlight these negative school board protests over the plethora of positive ones, they still can’t explain why government action – in conjunction with the FBI – is warranted.

Unless, of course, the government is attempting to further alienate children from those who are actually responsible for raising them.

Even if that’s not actually the intent, it’s at least how many parents will see it. And Americans who already disapprove of what their children are being taught will not take kindly to even the faintest appearance of the government being utilized to suppress their disapproval.

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After all, these are parents who, over the last year or so, have discovered so-called “educational” resources containing “detailed descriptions of body parts [and] sexual acts,” a music video depicting “gun violence, murder and drug use,” and a writing prompt asking students to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.”

No wonder they’re furious and disgusted. 

If the government doubles down in defense of the schools, instead of the right of parents to have a say in what happens in these schools, the situation will only get worse and the DOJ will have a mess on its hands.

I’m not justifying threats of violence, nor am I defending every parent who speaks out against this insanity, but the time has come to make a stand. 

We’ve come so far from the education system that once encouraged prayer, good morals and the reading of the Bible. Let’s act now, before we take yet another step in the wrong direction.

Jakob Fay is an employee at the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.