Mark Meckler, President

Mark is one of the nation’s most effective grassroots activists. After he co-founded and was the national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, he founded Citizens for Self-Governance to revolutionize American government. Founded in February 2012, this grassroots initiative expands and directs the ever- growing, bipartisan self-governance movement. Mark appears regularly on wide variety of television outlets, including MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business and the BBC.  He is the co-author of “Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution,” and writes regularly on Breitbart, the American Spectator, and He also is an attorney who specializes in internet privacy law.

After many years in California, Mark and his wife live in Texas where they share their love of the outdoors, mountain-biking, soccer and horses. They have two adult children.


Eric O’Keefe, Chairman of the Board

Eric O’Keefe has a 37 year history as an active strategist, board member, and donor with organizations working to advance individual liberty, promote citizen engagement and restore constitutional governance.  O’Keefe helped found U.S. Term Limits in 1991, and in recent years, co-founded the Campaign for Primary Accountability, the Health Care Compact Alliance, and Citizens for Self-Governance.  O’Keefe is also a founding board member of the Center for Competitive Politics and Citizens in Charge Foundation.

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