You can’t say the feminists didn’t try.

They almost toppled the patriarchy; they almost ended sexism. They almost achieved their elusive idea of gender equality. But that’s when feminism came to a screeching halt. 

That’s when the feminist movement was hijacked by the newer, more woke LGBTQ movement.

Not only did the LGBTQ movement—particularly transgenderism—undo decades of feminist “progress,” but it silenced all disadvantaged women. It castigated those who dared to speak out with labels of “homophobia.” They became the bigots. Now, women are confined to watch silently as men trounce them in competition and are celebrated for it.

Of course, I am referring to the rise of the “transgender woman,” the biological man who discovered a lucrative loophole in the sacred laws of feminism and exploited it for maximum profit. The loophole is that, apparently, feminism does not take a hard stand against men who claim to be women. They are welcomed into the club with open arms. In fact, they are elevated above real women. All a mediocre, disgruntled man must do is identify as a woman and oppressing women becomes permissible. A world of opportunity opens itself to such a man.

This is the existential crisis that negates all of feminism. The left’s arduous march for equality was countermanded in an instance by the new strain of progressivism that demands women and men masquerading as women go head to head in an inherently unequal competition. 

What began as an infrequent freak occurrence quickly escalated into an out-of-hand phenomenon. Now, there is no question that men dominate women’s sports.

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A few prominent names come to mind: Selina Soule, the elite high school sprinter whose athletic métier was upended by biological boys who edged her out of girl’s competitions, and her foil, Lisa Thomas, the male swimmer who delights in crushing biologically disadvantaged female swimmers, “winning” women’s championships and setting multiple women’s records.

Turning the left’s favorite buzzwords against them, Soule wrote this about the insanity of letting men compete in women’s sports: “Women fought for hundreds of years for the right to attend school, to vote, and now some think it’s OK to go backwards and deprive women of the right to compete and win…. Every woman deserves to be seen and recognized for her accomplishments and given the opportunity for her hard work and training to produce a victory.”

Soule is the quintessential feminist icon. When repressed by men, she refused to back down. She sounded off. She fought back.

Ten years ago, she would have been hailed as an independent girlboss. Unfortunately, for Soule, her bold stand came a few years behind the times. Far from being the hero, she became the bad guy.

The formerly-feminist left’s response to Selina Soule and other victims of unfair male dominance proves a total paradigm shift in how progressives think of women. No longer do females stand at the top of the left’s intersectional hierarchy. In fact, they have been crushed by it.

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And of course, it is no surprise that in our mad rush to claim the illustrious title of “Most Victimized,” men are now clamoring to join the allegedly very oppressed class of trans athletes. In early April, for example, a male golfer won the Women’s Professional Golf Tournament. Then, last week, Glenique Frank, a biological man, beat nearly 14,000 women in the female category of the London Marathon. Next, as if to prove that not a single competitive field has not been defiled by gender madness, a 70-year-old man won a females-only World Poker event.

These are only a few of many similar incidents.

Can we not agree that letting men in women’s sports is objectively insane? Can we agree that any political movement that supports such madness has forfeited the right to call itself “pro-woman”? Anyone who is remotely in favor of true gender equality—not the idea that men and women are indistinguishable, but that, because they are different (men have greater muscle mass and stronger hearts and lungs, for example), it is unfair to pit them against each other—should be vehemently opposed.

In the end, the social progressives have resurrected the “patriarchy” of male dominance they set out to destroy. Only this time, it’s much worse.

This time, it’s actually dangerous to women.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance. 

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