Amidst the largest inflationary period in over 40 years, it’s no secret that businesses are being forced to raise prices in order to keep their workforce.

However, corporate America doesn’t just increase prices to keep the lights on. Some companies resort to decreasing quantity and quality of product in a phenomenon known as “shrinkflation.”

Our nation’s “leaders” have spent the past two years spending trillions of dollars on COVID relief packages to fund the businesses they forced to close, passing out stimulus checks for Americans to stay home, and printing money backed by nothing at all.

Now, just one month into 2022, politicians are puzzled with the inflation setting in nationwide. Prices are soaring and wages are rising in order to reach even adequate staffing levels.

We’ve seen the price of gas rise over 40%, energy bills soar, and grocery items increase. Everything is up. To combat the hardship on consumers in the check-out lines, businesses look to “shrinkflation” to keep consumers shopping. 

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“There’s almost no product except eggs, probably, that have not been downsized in the past years,” consumer advocate and shrinkflation expert Ed Dworsky told ABC.

Domino’s Pizza recently reported that its $7.99 chicken wing deal will now come with eight wings instead of 10. The company’s $7.99 pizza deal will now be limited to solely online orders in an attempt to encourage computer orders instead of calling in with the labor shortage. 

Some Crest toothpaste varieties have downsized from 4.1 ounces to 3.8 ounces. Fun-sized Milky Way bags have been reduced from 11.24 ounces to 10.65 ounces. Even Gain detergent has reduced its product size from 165 ounces to 154 ounces. Aleve pain reliever has decreased its supply from 100 tablets to 90. 

This is how companies are temporarily keeping consumers happy while saving money on the business side. 

Inflation isn’t fun for anyone, but our leaders’ attempts to control the value of the dollar will especially hurt lower income families. 

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Over 50% of U.S. businesses “expect prices of their products to continue rising in 2022,” while only 3% expect them to decline, according to an S&P Global Market Intelligence poll.

Government-caused inflation has led to the quality of all products declining, and in turn the quality of our lives.

Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to sit back and spend our taxpayer money and then comfortably watch inflation eat away our savings from their multi-million dollar homes. 

Calling a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution can ensure that financial responsibility is restored to our out-of-control federal government. A Convention has the power to propose constitutional amendments that get the feds out of our economy and restore the freedom Americans need to provide for their families and make their country a better place.