Our overbearing mother state was not satisfied with dressing her children in masks for well over two years nor perpetually stabbing us with ineffective medicine.

No, our mother state must bubble wrap every corner of this country.

And she just discovered the kitchen.

The gas stove controversy that erupted in Congress this week is just one more verse in the same old tune the Left insists on playing and we, their fools, dance to.

Richard Trumka Jr., the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner lit the fire, so to speak, beneath the legislature in an enlightening Bloomberg interview last week commenting on the national restriction of gas stoves by the federal agency.

After new research linked indoor air pollution to childhood asthma, Trumka threatened that “products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Rather than suggesting families that fear indoor air pollution cook with more efficient stove hoods, this federal agency wishes to drive up the cost of gas artificially to incentivize the electric stove alternative, if not ban gas stoves outright.

While Politico patronizes Americans, “No, President Joe Biden isn’t coming for your gas stove,” a nationwide ban on gas stoves is not untenable, unprecedented, nor even unlikely.

Several liberal cities, like Los Angeles, Berkeley, and New York City have already solidified laws banning the installment of gas stoves and furnaces in the coming decade.

California Air Resources Board chairman Liane Rudolph, the lead woman behind the bill to ban installment of new gas appliances across the state by the year 2030, hopes that other states will follow suit since California “cannot provide clean air to Californians without the federal government doing its part.”

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This crusade against gas stoves has been cooking for years.

Long before research emerged about the indoor pollution caused by poorly ventilated gas stoves, climate warriors whose faces are perpetually set against the many forms of fossil fuels already fired the first shots.

Once again, under the blanket of public safety, leftist agendas triumph.

Unfortunately, according to the American Gas Association, homes that use natural gas for heating, cooking, and clothes drying save an average of $1,041 compared with homes using electricity for the same appliances.

Per usual, these leftist policies will have negligible effect on the climate, while heavily affecting the pocketbooks of economically disadvantaged Americans.

The bottom line is the government fears a self-governing people. They fear a citizen class who can rule themselves, who do not consult the government in their everyday lives and instead rule themselves.

In a self-governing society, information is power.

Scientific research is undeniably helpful in informing citizens when they make decisions. Yet, it should not, cannot, make decisions for them.

So, when leftists mock conservatives claiming there was never any bubble wrap to begin with, a deflated plastic sheet in their hand, look around the country, and do not be fooled.

Self-governance is under attack from every angle under the sword of public safety.

Catie Robertson is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Government.

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