A horrific series of shootings left eight dead in Atlanta. Despite the ongoing investigation, the media has speculatively labeled this act a white supremacist hate crime, fanning racial tensions across America.

As with other assaults on freedom, this is one of many unfortunate events used to perpetuate a narrative which they themselves do not contribute to. Asian Americans, who have long been dismissed by the left, are now offered a disingenuous position in the caste of victimhood. 

“In one sense, it’s immaterial whether the accused killer… admits to a racist motivation. Asian Americans have been living in fear for months,” says CNN’s Stephen Collinson.

In other words, coming to understand the reality behind this shooting is irrelevant in face of milking it for the advancement of leftist dogma. This article is amongst many that cover this incident with an utter disregard for the truth. 

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Justifying the erasure of evidence is a calculated risk on the part of the left. Proponents of anti-western ideals face the task of convincing Americans to trust their interpretations over empirical truths. Their rallying cry is the incapacity of minorities in the United States, which appeals to American sympathies towards equality and civil rights. 

This is precisely why success in Asian-American communities (success which often surpasses the economic prosperity of White Americans) is so damaging to the leftist agenda.

How can they hammer patronizing tales into the collective psyche of minority communities when a blatant outlier lingers beyond the confines of their messaging?

How can the left elicit tribal obedience when communities place earnest hope in their individual capacities to pursue happiness, rather than lay their lives down at the foot of the tyrannical savior state? 

The left’s solution to these challenges is to simply evade them through fear and division. That is why the Atlanta shooting must be a hate crime, despite the lack of substantiating evidence. Fear opens the mind of individuals to any solution that will provide security. Carefully skewed coverage of a tragedy is an effective means of triggering it. 

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Division underlies this bombardment of terror, as the message is not simply to fear but to fear thy neighbor. It is us versus them; American against American. Only the Marxist state can stand against the enemy. If you happen to be a minority, then it does not matter whether you live well. Afterall, even the most successful groups in the nation are hapless victims of white supremacy. 

The narrative presented about Asian Americans degrades our capacity to critically assess reality, which is never so deceptively simple. With enough repetition, the average American may start to see neo-Marxist tyranny as a viable solution to the issues of the day. As proponents of individual rights, we need to understand this and maintain a firm dedication to truth. Through the creation of our own media, the defense of our ideas, and the support of organizations that advance the individual, we can better defend our republic against these ideological attacks.

Amanda Carlson is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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