Last week’s March for Life reminded the nation that we’re only one Supreme Court decision away from ending the scourge of Roe v. Wade. A favorable ruling for the pro-life side will allow states to ban abortion after conception, which will save the lives of millions upon millions of future Americans.

Fearing this, one Oklahoma state Democrat introduced a bill last week that would force fathers to begin supporting their children and partners at conception rather than after the baby is born.

Representative Forrest Bennett meant the bill as a way to “own” the pro-life side, but as he was reminded on Twitter, it was anything but.

Here are a few of my favorite replies.

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Just a few days later, Bennett announced in a 16-tweet threat that he was removing the bill from consideration.

“I should’ve been more thoughtful & thorough in crafting this bill in the first place. It’s clear there are many unintended consequences, both from the language & design,” he said.

Bennett’s misstep is obviously hilarious, and it shines a light on the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to abortion. But it also highlights a deeper truth about the abortion debate that the Left really, really wants to ignore.

Pro-baby-killing advocates often accuse the pro-life movement of caring about babies only before they’re born. Because people on the Right tend to oppose massive, corrupt government welfare programs, Democrats paint them as not caring about impoverished children and moms.

That, of course, is hogwash. We do care about children and mothers. We just believe that fathers and families—not the government—should take care of them.

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We kill millions of babies every year because our culture has accepted the Left’s free sex ideology. The Left believes men and women should be free to sleep with whoever they want and not suffer negative consequences. That’s why they support abortion. Without abortion, women would be forced to carry and deliver children, which would, according to the Left, make them less free than men.

Here’s a solution I and most conservatives would support: hold fathers accountable. Neither men nor women should be able to engage in consequence-free sex. Ban abortion, force fathers to stay and care for their children, and require both genders to treat sex with the caution it deserves.

This, by the way, is how human beings have lived for the vast majority our existence. Stable families create stable societies. As we’ve seen since the liberal revolution of the 1960s, unstable families result in pain, poverty, and misery for millions of people.

Bennett’s bill didn’t “own” the Right. It did the opposite. It showed that the way forward post-Roe is to get back to traditional values of family and responsibility.

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