“Bluey” is the greatest kids’ show on air today, bar none. The show positively depicts a loving, functioning, normal nuclear family (of dogs), and therein lies the secret to its success. Each episode shows the Heeler family engaged in some laughably relatable activity that parents and kids alike can resonate with. In fact, the show, with its realistic and sympathetic portrayal of parenthood, has garnered a loyal following of parent fans, as The Babylon Bee teased with its satirical headline: “Parents Suddenly Realize They’ve Been Watching ‘Bluey’ Alone For Three Hours.”

But wait a second. Where’s the woke agenda? The show is about two kids raised by a loving mom and dad (who also happen to be married). Shouldn’t Bluey have two daddies? Or maybe she should be trans. How dare the Heelers be so, well… normal?

Needless to say, “Bluey,” basking in the simple joys of normalcy, has irked the woke left for its refusal to “get with the times.”

“Where are the disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse, dogs of colour and single-parent dog families in Bluey’s Brisbane?” criticized author Beverly Wang. “If they’re in the background, let them come forward.”

“As a parent of colour,” she continued, “I am always conscious of the presence — or absence — of diverse representation in kids’ pop culture, what it means for children and the conversations we have around that. I sincerely believe you don’t have to be ‘other’ to think about this too.”

There’s just one problem with Ms. Wang’s critique: she’s talking about dogs—blue dogs—for heaven’s sake! She’s going to have to explain exactly what distinguishes a “dog of colour” from a “white” dog. (Sounds like the Heeler family—and this author—are going to need some sensitivity training.)

Unfortunately for “Bluey,” things only get worse from there.

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According to BBC News, the show’s latest installment, “Exercise,” depicts Mr. and Mrs. Heeler discontented with their weight, and of course, body positivity experts are enraged, accusing the show of “fat-shaming” and “problematic content.”

“I don’t want my girls watching other trusted adults (albeit dogs!) expressing dissatisfaction with how their body looks,” posted one doctor. “All bodies are good bodies,” she lied.

Feminist content creator Lauren Beckman posted that the episode was “triggering.”

Unfortunately, the producers caved to the pressure and edited the episode, removing a scene where Mr. Heeler weighs himself and responds, “I just need to do some exercise.”

So, let me get this straight. Kids can watch shows with “queer dogs,” gay dinosaurs, and glorified obesity—the left is more than fine with that—but they absolutely cannot watch parents express dissatisfaction with their weight. That would cross the line.

As The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing tweeted, “being disappointed in your body is a universal human condition. Teaching kids that they have agency over their weight is a moral good.”

But that’s not how the left sees it. To the left, the very sight of a scale in a kids’ cartoon about dogs is “triggering.” Rather than reckon with the universal fact that most people are disappointed with their bodies, the left has projected its shame onto society. It’s society’s fault for “imposing” that shame on them.

These are the kinds of things normal people and normal TV programs have to deal with in a woke world. Until “Bluey” introduces grossly overweight dogs, or takes the Heeler family to a Black Lives Matter protest, or does something decidedly woke, it will never be good enough. Its stinging normalcy will be an unforgivable pain in the left’s side.