If even half of what we’ve heard about Andrew Tate is true, the notorious, social media-banned influencer is an insufferable monster.

What complicates his presence on the world stage is that he is one of the last men alive today who has the gall to call out a very real problem: society’s assault on masculinity.

Young, lonely men feel represented by the Bugatti-driving, cigar-smoking, self-made multi-millionaire playboy. He represents the life of their dreams.

The life they’d much rather live than the useless, effeminate existence “anti-toxic masculinity” advocates are pushing.

On the conservative right, this has created a sense of obligation to defend Tate. But this is the wrong approach.

In fact, it is outright shameful.

Last week, the popular influencer was arrested on charges of rape and human trafficking. Before his arrest, he had a long history of sexist rhetoric and abusive behavior. In 2016, for example, he was filmed beating his girlfriend with a belt and allegedly threatened to kill her if she messaged other men. In his own words, he is “absolutely sexist and… absolutely a misogynist.”

Not to mention his immense wealth was largely procured by his “pimping” of webcam models.

And after he was arrested, reports surfaced that he had texted one of his victims: “I love raping you.”

As I said, Tate is a monster.

A vile, repulsive, sorry excuse of a man. Despite his claims of being a “manly” man, he does not know the first thing about being a decent man.

A respectable human being.

And there is no reason in the world to defend him.

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Andrew Tate recognizes a real-world problem and purports to have a solution, but that does not mean his ‘solution’ isn’t genuinely toxic. Just because he acknowledges the masculinity crisis that was created by the left does not mean that he is somehow conservative or on our side.

Andrew Tate, in his own way, is contributing to the destruction of the family. He is accelerating the breakdown of decency.

His views are harmful to women.

And in the end, even the “incel” men who follow his lead will end up as lonely and unfilled as they started.

The licentious playboy has at least 10 kids with different mothers. He is not married and says he never will be. To him and his followers, the “dream life” is one of responsibility-less hedonism.

But having sex with as many women as possible, driving showy cars, and denying the worth and dignity of those who God calls men to self-sacrificially love is not the key to living a meaningful life. It is not the answer to the woes of modern man.

Andrew Tate may have the world at his fingertips, but it is meaningless to someone who has robbed himself of the things that make life worth living.

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In stark contrast, Jordan Peterson, the author of the popular 12 Rules for Life, has also become something of a hero to the incel community. Unlike Tate, however, Peterson pushes men to make something of themselves. He pushes them to become men of dignity, honor, and chivalry. To embrace responsibility and spurn hedonism.

Peterson’s antidote certainly is not as gratifying as Tate’s. Nor is his life as flashy. But Peterson is producing real men. Fulfilled men. Men who are actually of service to their families and communities.

Tate is merely prolonging irresponsible boyhood. Those who follow in his path will die cold and empty, having had sex with many, but being loved by none.

Yes, manhood is under attack. We are pushed by both the left and pleasure seekers like Andrew Tate to give up on responsibility; give up on making something of ourselves.

The left would have us be just like women. Tate would have us mistreat them. But both reject God’s calling for men.

Instead, as Soren Kierkegaard says in his book Fear and Trembling, let us be knights of faith. Let us be men who embrace God’s highest, most honorable calling.

And if we do, we will be so much richer, so much more fulfilled than if we pursued anything Andrew Tate has to offer us.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.