Far-left gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has a long history of saying utterly crackbrained garbage.

She still insists that Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial election was stolen from her (doesn’t that make her a threat to democracy?). She recently suggested that preborn babies’ heartbeats are an imaginary construct contrived to control women (apparently, she’s a science denier, too). But her latest claptrap may be her worst yet.

In a recent interview, the voting rights activist proposed that abortion could alleviate our inflation woes. She suggested that women are only worried about rising prices because they have to have children.

What’s most shocking about Stacey’s nutty assertion is just how nonchalantly she talks about killing babies.

Killing babies!

We’ve become so apathetic to the value of life that apparently, we’d kill off our own offspring because “food, bread, [and] milk” are too expensive.”

To make up for money lost at the gas pump, we’d willingly deprive ourselves of one of life’s greatest joys: the rich, rewarding experience of raising kids.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe “having children” is why inflation is a big deal to us. Nevertheless, it is selfish of a society to strip the innocent unborn of the right to life because mom and dad can’t pay the bills.

Maybe don’t have a kid at all. But if and when a life has been conceived, at that point, abortion is never the answer–no matter how financially inconvenient a child may be.

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While we’re on the topic we must address another deception that makes its way into Stacey’s argument: the idea that male politicians are forcing women to give birth. This semantic technicality grossly misconstrues reality and blames men for what is simply a process of nature. Reproduction and pregnancy are processes of nature. It is nature that “forces” women to give birth.

The only sure way to avoid that process is to avoid sex. In the vast majority of cases, this is completely within the woman’s power to do.

Regardless of how or why a woman became pregnant, it is sophistry to say that pro-life men forced her. It is a natural process that made her pregnant, all of which is usually a consequence of her choices.

Of course, this makes a powerful case for reviving traditional mores concerning sexuality and expecting men to treat women better. Perhaps the most effeminate thing a man can do is impregnate a woman and abandon her to care for the child alone. But even in the absence of sexual decency, it is wrong for innocent children to suffer the consequences of unchaste parents.

These lies that Stacey Abrams and the left peddle distract from the real issue at hand: whether or not it is morally acceptable to abort unborn human fetuses. Most Americans know, instinctively, it is not. That’s why Abrams masks her radical abortion stance (she has made “reproductive rights” the focal point of her campaign) behind debates about inflation and men controlling women.

But let’s call out abortion for what it really is: the inhumane termination of human life, indefensible no matter how bad inflation is.

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