Here’s a not-too-distant vision of the Left’s America.

Today is Monday, which means the power will be out between the hours of 6-10pm. With the elimination of all non-renewable energy sources, the federal government has implemented rolling blackouts across the country.

Of course, it’s for your own good. Climate change was threatening the future of our planet, and these blackouts are the price we’re paying for a cleaner tomorrow. (China isn’t paying that price, but saying so would be xenophobic.)

Mondays are also the day you should be on the lookout for roving bands of looters. Ever since Congress legalized all drugs, the use of cocaine, meth, and prescription pills has skyrocketed. Users in your area spend the weekend shooting up and use their weekday nights to rob homes in search of valuables to pawn.

You might consider calling the police, but that won’t do much good. Most officers have been replaced with social workers, and they aren’t allowed to intervene in any violent situations. You don’t have a gun to defend yourself (those were all confiscated), but you do have a baseball bat and a can pepper spray. That’ll have to do.

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You’re grateful for the online customer service job you landed for a Chinese conglomeration because it means you don’t have to leave the house very often. The last time you stepped outside was to get your 12th round of government-mandated COVID-19 vaccine booster. This shot left you bedridden for three weeks (the worst yet!), but you were still able to work.

The only downside of working from home is that you’re reliant on the Postal Service to deliver your food and other items. Ever since the longshoremen’s unions went on strike and the president increased the Stay At Home Benefits (again), most goods take between two and three months to arrive.

If they can’t get an online job, Americans are more-or-less content to collect their Stay At Home Benefits and, well, stay at home. Few have decided to get off the couch and go back to work in factories, fulfillment centers, or at shipping companies. The labor shortage they said would be temporary hasn’t been so temporary, and two-day shipping is now a thing of the past.

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Sometimes you wonder whether you should buy a plane ticket to another country and see if things are any better across the pond. Some European countries decided to nix the COVID mandates after the summer of 2021 and get their people back to work. They’ve also been implementing policies to address violent crime and produce goods and services at home rather than rely on the global supply chain.

You might move to one of those countries someday, but you’ll have to wait for a ticket on one of the few available flights. The federal government is still in a fight with the pilots over the latest round of booster mandates, and those pilots who didn’t quit years ago are angling for even greater pay and benefits.

Ah, well. At least you still have Netflix. The latest Fauci documentary was a huge hit with the critics. Maybe you’ll give it a try.

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