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President Biden and his administration have repeatedly tried to define Communist China as nothing more than a global competitor for the U.S.

Team Biden has downplayed Chinese aggression, and have seemingly been more focused on implementing their woke domestic policies than containing China’s global ambitions.

Despite Biden’s best efforts to distract and diffuse the threat from China, the American people are not buying it, and they won’t.

Recent polling reveals that American voters are overwhelmingly concerned about the threat Communist China poses and deeply skeptical of Biden’s constant coddling of China.

So serious are these concerns, a plurality of voters now fear World War III is imminent.

Yet the media and White House continue to turn a blind eye.

Even as our most formidable adversary takes an aggressive stance against the U.S., our president seems more than content playing patty-cake with Xi Jinping.

Even as the Chinese call for strength to compete with the West, Mr. Biden has his sights set on “woke” military training.

The American people are worried that Biden’s haphazard, devil-may-care response to China’s rising hostility may signal to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that the West is weak, unprepared, and unwilling to take a stand.

As it turns out, there’s nothing quite like emasculate American leadership to stoke the flames of tyranny’s ambition. We very well may be on the brink of another Afghan fiasco.

Only this time, it will be 10 times more cataclysmic.

“Almost everyone who paid any attention . . .  saw it coming — everyone, that is, except Biden and his insular circle of advisors,” said former Sen. Jim Inhofe of America’s botched evacuation from Afghanistan, and the same is true of the situation in China.

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How can the president not see the writing on the wall?

Chinese spy balloons.

CCP data mining and influence on our social media.

At some point, one must ask if Biden’s team really is this impossibly ignorant or if something more insidious is taking place behind the scenes.

If the Chinese threat is so apparent to U.S. voters (according to polling from The Trafalgar Group, 57.6 percent of voters say the Biden Administration needs to be more proactive in containing China), why is Biden so slow to take action?

Going toe-to-toe with Xi Jinping would be a popular move.

Why won’t he do it?

The American people have a theory.

According to the same Trafalgar Group poll, 57.2% of voters believe that, due to the Biden family’s business relationships with China, President Biden has a conflict of interest when responding to China’s aggressive actions against the U.S.

In other words, is the president of the United States compromised?

Does this sound crazy?

Then again, Mr. Biden and Xi Jinping do seem a bit chummy with each other. And don’t forget Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar business deal with a Chinese energy company.

The point is: this level of inactivity against an obvious threat, the American people have concluded, simply cannot be explained away by mere stupidity.

Call it a conspiracy theory, but after years of being laughed at for the Wuhan lab leak “conspiracy,” voters’ trust in the media to tell us the truth about China is, understandably, dead.

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Mark Meckler is president of Convention of States.

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