When you hear the term “white supremacist, what comes to mind? Nazis? The holocaust? The KKK burning the homes of African Americans or prohibiting black people from voting? How about a college student who supports police and makes fun of President Trump?

If you’re a leftist, you include that last one in the white supremacist camp. Let me explain.

Back in April, an adjunct English professor at Cypress College in California threw a fit when one of her students dared to call police officers “heroes.”

Faryha Salim (who, as an English professor, is an expert on American history and criminal law) claimed that police departments in the United States were founded to catch runaway slaves (a ridiculous claim that has been thoroughly debunked) and accused police officers of getting away with committing “atrocious crimes.” She also claimed that when faced with an armed attacker, she wouldn’t call the police because “my life’s in more danger in their [presence].”

She launched her attack against America’s police in response to a presentation made by one of her freshman students, Braden Ellis. Ellis’ presentation was on cancel culture, but he had mentioned that the children’s show, Paw Patrol, had risked cancellation due to its inclusion of a police officer character.

Salim’s comments, of course, are patently absurd, but her treatment of Ellis is just as inexcusable. Salim ambushes her freshman student like she thinks he’s testifying before Congress. She doesn’t engage with the topic of his presentation (cancel culture) but instead uses her question and answer period to berate Ellis for holding a perfectly reasonable view—that while some police officers do bad things, the majority of them should be lauded as heroes.

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But here’s what it gets interesting. After Ellis gained national media attention for standing up for police, Cypress College removed Salim from the classroom to “protect her safety, maintain her confidentiality, and mitigate attacks from those who sought to threaten her as well as the students in her class.”

In response, one of Ellis’ friends, a dance professor named Maha Afra, created a video attacking Ellis and started a GoFundMe to raise money for Ellis’ “legal defense” (Ellis isn’t under investigation for committing a crime).

Afra’s video characterizes Salim’s attacks as nothing more than “academic discourse” and paints the professor as a victim of “right-wing media.” Afra also argues that Ellis deserves to be taken down as a “consequence” for (wait for it!) white supremacy. Her evidence? A single photo of Ellis in which he is clearly making fun of President Trump’s famous hand gesture.

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So, now making fun of President Trump means you’re a white supremacist? What happened?

“White supremacy” is the new “racist.” It’s the catch-all insult lobbed by leftists against anyone they don’t like—including a college freshman who had the temerity to call heroic police officers heroes.

There is one encouraging thing about this story. As of Tuesday morning, Salim’s GoFundMe has only managed to raise a little more than $5,000. As I pointed out this week, the police officer who was suspended for making fun of Lebron James has raised over $500,000.

Radical leftists may control our institutions of higher education, but everyday Americans outnumber them 10 to 1 and are more than willing to open their wallets to support the heroes who put on a badge every day to protect us.

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