There’s no denying it: America’s southern border is in crisis.

Anyone paying attention to the mainstream media coverage over the past few weeks has probably noticed a marked shift in how the establishment talks about this important issue.

No longer are they pretending that it does not exist. They’ve even admitted that it is, in fact, a crisis. They are now only pretending that Biden does not deserve blame for the catastrophe. Nevertheless, the fact that they are even willing to concede that there is a catastrophe speaks volumes about just how bad things have gotten.

The American people were already concerned about the border. When Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy expired last week, reason for legitimate concern only compounded.

But when our culpable president was asked about the border, he laughed.

Yes, he laughed.

“How do you think things are going at the border,” a reporter asked the bicycling president.

“Much better than you all expected,” Biden retorted, laughing.

He then announced that he has no intentions to visit the border.

Never has Biden’s patronizing chuckle been so offensive. To put it into perspective, women are being raped. Children are being trafficked. The body bag count is climbing. One American dies from fentanyl every seven minutes. Our laws are flounced. America is mocked. And yet our president is laughing.

He is laughing that the despicable humanitarian crisis he is responsible for is “much better than… expected.”

Only it’s not.

And we all know it.

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A few on the left have selectively picked out a few statistics that make it seem the crisis is actually getting better, accusing Republicans of “manufacturing” hysteria.  A closer look, however, tells a different story.

Last week, a recording-breaking 83,000 aliens illegally crossed our border. When Title 42 ended, an estimated 700,000 had gathered for entry. Reportedly, America collaborated with Mexico to ensure that the mass, illegal crossings were “orderly.”

Recently resurfaced video shows Barack Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson complaining that “1,000 [daily border apprehensions] overwhelms the system.” Imagine how the system feels now after daily crossings climbed past 10,000 per day last week.

And remember, this is what Biden called a “much better than… expected” challenge.

His administration has also ignored just how closely linked human trafficking is to border-crossing. One expert called sexual violence a “systematic” part of the process.

With open arms, we invite serial predators to prey on migrants, fully aware that we are prolonging their unholy trade. By keeping their routes open, American politicians who refuse to act have become complicit in their heinous crimes.

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One migrant woman from Venezuela tearfully told of how “armed men robbed her and other migrants she was traveling with at gunpoint before forcing several women to strip off their clothes. At least six men then lined the women up and raped them….” Minors have told stories about watching their loved ones murdered. Unfortunately, tragedies like these are repeated time and time again on our watch.

But Joe Biden is laughing.

Joe Biden thinks it’s a joke.

I can attest that I, personally, am not interested in “manufacturing” drama for the sake of making the other side look bad. There’s enough wrong with our country already without turning to concocted crises. This is not that.

I have written on this topic extensively because I am—as all Americans should be—passionate about ending the humanitarian crisis on our border, once and for all. It is inhumane for us to strive for anything less.

Unfortunately, the president of the United States is not setting a great example.

While we face down a crisis that poll after poll proves the American people are deeply concerned about, Mr. Biden is riding his bike and laughing.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.