The Oxford English Dictionary has officially revealed that the 2021 word of the year is ‘vax’ – something the left can’t seem to stop talking about. But if you mention anything about natural immunity, you’ll be shamed as an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist.

When future generations look back on the decade, they’ll see 2020’s word of the year, ‘Pandemic,’ followed by 2021’s big pharma solution, ‘Vax.’ However, history won’t remember that social media platforms like Instagram are hiding alternative views and banning key words and phrases from users, including #naturalimmunity. 

To the left, big government and multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporations have become saviors that truly care about the nation’s health and overall well-being. Luckily, the rest of us know better and understand not just the massive financial gains happening behind the scenes, but also the unmanipulated virus data. 

The propaganda for the COVID-19 vaccine hasn’t stopped bombarding us for the entire year, and while it is a choice everyone has had to make, it has been nowhere near a level playing field.

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We have all seen the massive push through our TVs, radio ads and social media. State and local governments have created award systems to incentivize teens, and of course, President Biden has tried to impose vaccines via work mandates.

But what has the public seen to even the playing field and consider the cons of the vaccine? Not much because you’re no longer allowed to question….  well, anything.

The label “misinformation” has become a catch-phrase to control the information we can access. Mark Zuckerberg and his allies in the federal government don’t think the commoners are smart enough to digest unbiased, fact-based information.

These word games are just the latest example of the unholy marriage between Big Tech, corporations, and the federal government that leads straight to tyranny.

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The Biden administration decided early on that the vaccine would be the only legitimate path “out” of the pandemic. All other therapeutics–not to mention natural immunity–were ridiculed and castigated as illegitimate.

Then, to make sure the American people fell in line, Biden and his cronies threatened Big Tech companies with regulation and harassment if they didn’t toe the party line. Americans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were met with “misinformation” labels for even the most fact-based posts, and like the #naturalimmunity hashtag, some ideas were banned from the platforms entirely.

So, while Oxford continues to uplift and normalize the vax, just remember in 2019 the word of the year was ‘climate emergency’–but they’ll get back to that issue once you’re fully booster vaxxed. 

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