With the ups and downs (and downs and downs) of the battle over the Supreme Court seat which Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to fill, it’s important remember that we’ve seen this exact play before. Powerline offers a great refresher for people who have forgotten the ins and out of the hearings which ultimately led to the confirmation of Clarence Thomas. There was precisely no evidence supporting Anita Hill either, and they allowed her to turn the Senate into a disgusting circus of disrespect for an honorable man:

Not a single colleague of Hill’s came forward to support her allegations. In stark contrast, the very last panel heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee featured eight women, seven of whom had worked with Thomas at the EEOC, the Department of Education, and in Senator John Danforth’s office. …

Each was given three minutes to speak, and each of them forcefully rejected the charges.
In her initial meeting with FBI agents, [Hill] omitted many of the salacious details that later exploded in the Senate confirmation hearings. As Hill presented a much more scandalous story to the Senate Judiciary Committee, senators Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley, and Arlen Specter had questions about why her story had changed so dramatically. “I did not tell the FBI all of the information,” Hill replied to Specter, because the “FBI agent made clear that if I were embarrassed about talking about something, that I could decline to discuss things that were too embarrassing, but that I could provide as much information as I felt comfortable with at that time.”

But her account was immediately disputed by both of the FBI agents who had interviewed her, Special Agents Jolene Smith Jameson and John B. Luton, who observed her Senate testimony and then filed statements detailing what they described as Hill’s untruthfulness.

To further vindicate Thomas, the FBI assessed Anita Hill as untruthful.  Not that this matters to a liberal media bent on destroying conservatives. ABC News’s chief political analyst Matthew Dowd recently called Justice Thomas a “sexual predator.”

It seems — because we have allowed it — history is indeed repeating itself.  Just like Justice Clarence Thomas, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will carry the brand of “sexual predator” with him for the rest of his life… even if he is confirmed.  For the 50% or so of the country that watch and listen to the main stream media, Judge Kavanaugh has been charged, tried and convicted, of a heinous allegation supported by precisely zero evidence.   It is hard to imagine a more egregious smearing, now twice committed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, against men of stellar reputations.

Judge Kavanaugh stands accused by a woman, of assault and attempted rape 36 years ago.  The alleged “witnesses” whose name she has provided, have all either said the incident never happened, or they don’t even know Judge Kavanaugh.  This includes a woman who is identified as a “lifelong friend” of the accuser.

The accusations have been thoroughly vetted.  That is, as thoroughly as possible for a 36 year old incident where the accuser cannot remember the location, day, time, or even the year of the incident.  Every witness she has named has submitted statements to the Senate Committee, and all have refuted her story unequivocally.

So why does this continue?  What is the left up to here?  Saul Alinsky’s 13th rule for radicals (the final rule in this famous playbook for the radical left) is “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

This inhumane farce is straight from the playbook of Saul Alinsky and the radical American left (aka the modern Democratic Party).   Hurting people is all part of the game for them.  It’s all part of their fight to dominate American politics, at any cost.

Oh, and of course, Ronan Farrow and his colleague Jane Meyer at The New Yorker dredged up another woman who may-or-may-not remember that Kavanaugh did something maybe thirty years ago.  No, I don’t want to be more specific than that, because even the New York Times refused to print this unfounded accusation.

It’s time to end this.  Now.  Take the vote.  It is time to confirm a man for a seat on the Supreme Court, who is by virtually all accounts (except that of his single accuser backed by not a shred of actual evidence), a good and honorable man, and highly qualified jurist.  And they should openly speak the truth, which is that no actual evidence except a single uncorroborated allegation, has been presented against him.  Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and in so doing, clear his good name. 

Justice demands nothing less.

And justice should have at least something to do with the SCOTUS confirmation hearings, right?

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Hat Tip: Powerline

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