In Palo Alto, California, a man wearing a Make America Great Again walked into a Starbucks and all hell broke loose.  One lady with a mohawk named Parker Mankey immediately drew attention to the man, yelled at him, threatened him, and suggested the police should be involved.

For the apparel on his head.

She called him many different names before he finally left.  “And never come back!” 

Afterwards, she lamented that no one else was yelling at him.  She believes it is the responsibility of all white people to take an intolerant stand against people in MAGA gear.  Later, according to RedState, “Mankey said that she is going to see to it that this man can’t go out in public, and that she would show up at his house with picket signs telling everyone he’s racist, as well as organize protests where he works.”

A couple of important things to note here.

  1. No one else would join this mad woman in her crusade to drive this poor man out of Starbucks.  That’s good.
  2. No one stood in defense of this poor man as this mad woman drove him out of Starbucks.  That’s bad.
  3. This woman lost her job for threatening to doxx this man and his family, and for publicly screaming at him in a Starbucks.  That’s good. Good for her employer for not wanting to be associated with this stuff.

Have you ever read an article about someone being screamed at for wearing a Hillary hat?  A Beto hat?  A Bernie hat? Nope.  Me neither.  

This is fascist, leftist behavior…. And it must be stopped if America is to remain free.

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