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This made me cry.

The Blaze has the story of a series of tweets that began, “I’m going to do a personal rant today, that may shock , but I think it needs to be done. I hope you read it in the spirit I write it.”

My friend and I walk into the clinic. It looks like a regular clinic. The lady asks us at the desk what we want. Pregnancy tests, we both say at the same time,” she wrote, adding that they both paid for their pregnancy tests because Planned Parenthood “is not cheap.” Both tests came back positive.

“My friend is crying. I’m not. I love the father,” she wrote, adding that she believed she and the baby’s father were like Romeo and Juliet.

“My parents have kept us apart, now they can’t,” she explained. “The nurse asks me first what I plan to do. I puff out my chest and say, ‘I’m keeping it.’”

She wrote that the nurse then informed her that the clinic didn’t offer prenatal care. She and her friend then spent the next hour and a half trying to “brainstorm” how they would come up with $400 for her friend’s abortion while they waited for a five-minute consultation with a nurse about the procedure.

When she gets home, she calls her boyfriend — you know the one who loved her — and he exclaimed a profanity and told her to get rid of it.  He was afraid her parents would get him arrested for statutory rape and wanted no part of being a father.  But she already loved her child.  When she told her liberal mom and dad, they were unsupportive.  Her mother called her an “immature slut,” and her dad said no one would want a mixed race baby.  (This isn’t true, of course, but this is just one of the lies that adults told this young lady back then.)

Her mother took her to the hospital to get an abortion.  Here’s where it gets harrowing:

She was taken to see the doctor before the abortion. “He’s cold,” she wrote, adding that he told her the procedure “will be simple and quick.” He did an ultrasound, but turned the screen away from her.

Three weeks later, she arrived at the hospital for the abortion.

“I am brought into a surgical room and given a pill,” she wrote. “The pill makes everything hazy and unreal. My feet are in the stirrups and my mind is racing over all that’s happening. Then I hear it. It sounds like an evil vacuum. And I feel the pressure. My mind screams, ‘No,’ and then I start to scream ‘No, No, No, No, No, No.’ This isn’t right. This isn’t right. This vacuum is killing. It’s sucking the life out of me. I’m killing my baby. ‘No’ I’m sobbing.”

“The doctor tells me to quiet down, it will be over soon. I don’t. I can’t,” she continued. “I’m killing someone. Not anyone, but MINE. Again, he assures me it will be over soon. Little did I know, the nightmare for me would never be over. The vacuum continues. I feel violated, more violated than when I was raped 2 years earlier. It’s finally over.”

She wrote that she was wheeled out of the room, sobbing and crying out “my baby, my baby, my baby.”

“I know I’m loud,” she wrote, adding a nurse came in and told her to “shut up” and said “You’re disturbing the other patients.”

“Apparently, I don’t deserve the respect of a patient, and I agree,” she wrote. “I’m scum. I’m a murderer.”

She said no one was permitted to see her in recovery, but she had an aunt who worked at the hospital who snuck in.

“She sees my state and holds me while I cry,” she wrote. “To this day, she’s the only liberal family member who is pro-life. I have always wondered if that was the moment for her.”

The hospital sent her home, even though she was “bleeding and cramping.”

“I lay down in the bed [and] let my mother hug me,” she wrote. “The woman who gave me life, but wouldn’t let me.”

It apparently is not an isolated incident, because her “tweet storm” went viral as people shared their horrifying stories as well:

Why doesn’t this get more attention? Because liberals don’t want these devastated parents to get any respect. It’s time to realize that pro-choice = pro-death, and it’s not just the baby who dies.

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Hat Tip: The Blaze

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