Leftist activists are trying to cancel anyone who does not bow down to their idols of political correctness now that “the great purge” is happening all over America.  I don’t have one ounce of love lost for any Confederate soldiers or generals, but Shaun King saying we should cancel all light skinned depictions of Jesus was just stupidity.

And then, they came for actor Adam Driver, who joined the Marines after 9/11 and therefore (don’t prepare yourself for a logical conclusion here) he must hate Muslims.

Yes, this is the level of discourse in the “cancel culture” these days.

Driver, of course, was Kylo Ren in the Star Wars series.  You may have heard these fans are pretty passionate about Driver, and they weren’t having any of this lunacy. 

Actor Vincent Vargas (from the FX series Mayans MC), a veteran who served for three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2003 and 2007, decided to speak up for Driver.

“Right now, people are completely polarized and completely divided on opinions on everything in the world. I believe they took Adam Driver’s quotes on what he talked about, why he wanted to serve our country, and turned it against him as if he [were] an Islamophobe.”

He later explained that it wasn’t fair to judge someone who served, “someone who decided to join for whatever reasons that might be and then to turn around and try and damage his career because of unpopular opinions of other people. It’s a small demographic of individuals that use social media to essentially bully someone on their own opinion.”


Courageous Americans like Driver and Vargas put the “keyboard warriors” to shame.

No wonder they want to cancel them.

So far this week, liberals have tried to rid the world of Jesus and a Star Wars actor.  What’s next?  Ice cream and Santa Claus?

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