When you think of hunting, you might not immediately think “hipster.”  But that might change, if a new trend continues to flourish.

Sporting Classics Daily reports on that there is a new “influx of hip, socially conscious hunters:”

As the locavore movement—which stresses producing food locally rather than transporting it great distances to market—has gained acceptance among young, educated, and financially secure professionals, a new brand of sportsmen has begun taking to the field. These hunters head to the woods as participants in a larger conversation about the world and how to live responsibly in it; they seek meat free of steroids and additives, a reaction against the factory-farm-produced beef, poultry, and pork that crowds most grocery-store freezers. Likewise, they care little about scoring on Boone & Crockett or forking out the cash for an African safari; their interests skew more toward activism, creative pursuits, and pop culture.

Hunter Jesse Griffiths is one of the hipster hunters — bearded and tattooed — who is popularizing the movement.  He first went hunting four years ago, and the experience led him to a deeper understand of meat’s relationship with the environment.  Griffiths described the type of people who are getting into the sport:

They’re 25 to 35, they like music, food, art. They’re socially minded, whatever that might mean. They’re interested in hunting, and maybe they weren’t five years ago, but they are now. . . . We’re taking it away from Ted Nugent.

I love to see this new interest in hunting, because it’s a sustainable and practical way to obtain food the way our forefathers did since the beginning of time.

Plus, I like to imagine how upset liberals are going to be when all these hipsters have a sudden surge of appreciation for the Second Amendment.

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