New York City has officially passed a measure that will give noncitizens the right to vote in local elections, paving the way for easy election fraud. 

Thanks to the Democrat-controlled City Council, anyone who has been a New York City resident for at least 30 days and plans to be a permanent resident can now have a say in local politics. This includes foreigners who hold either a green card, a workers permit or a DACA card. 

No longer does the right to vote in U.S. elections belong to just American citizens. Now, it’s a right that belongs to anyone around the world who comes to the United States. 

The measure passed 33-14 last week and is expected to open up voting rights to over 800,000 immigrants living in the city. While Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez has advocated for the voting expansion for years so that more Latinos from places like the Dominican Republic have the opportunity to vote, the move may have unintended consequences.

Latino voters remain quite conservative, especially those who have experienced real socialism in Venezuela and Cuba. While these immigrants will now be able to come to New York and influence the elections, it may not be in the way Dems are hoping. 

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A new poll found that hispanics are evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, which in turn would actually help grow the conservative voter base in New York. Regardless of the local political outcomes that will come, the real concern lies in our elections remaining secure and a right of citizens. 

It won’t be a shock when all blue cities begin implementing this same measure, with a long-term plan to influence state and national elections. 

Secure voting should be something that all politicians are adamant about. Yet, even the security of our elections has been a point of contention between both parties. If national elections don’t remain only for U.S. citizens, it will mark the fall of national sovereignty. 

Notably, it remains unclear if these same New York progressives who passed the legislation plan to actually check IDs when people go to vote or if they will just ask for vaccination identification.