Diminishing standards in the California public school system are setting up a subgroup of students for failure and causing them to be more impoverished and reliant on government support than any past generation of students.

Several school districts across the state are implementing an apparent social justice tactic to not just “re-engage” students after the coronavirus whirlwind but also help students get accepted into public universities – it’s commonly known as “grade inflation.”

Some of the school districts phasing out Ds and Fs include Los Angeles Unified, Oakland Unified, Sacramento City Unified and San Diego Unified. ABC News reports that the move will especially help black, Latino and low-income high school students, when in reality, it’s only going to cause these groups to suffer more long-term. 

When people succeed at something in life, they typically recognize that their hard work paid off. In turn, failure allows people to reconsider their efforts and adjust. Most people learn and grow from failure, but that’s not possible when they aren’t ever told they have failed. 

What will happen when there is no such thing as bombing a test? In the minds of teens who aren’t straight-A students, that essentially means no more studying needed. 

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This will divide students into two groups and allow students who are already struggling to go unnoticed. Failing grades allow students to recognize that they are not performing at an adequate level and allows teachers to get them the help they need.

Without the urgency to improve grades to a passing level, the societal disparities are only going to get worse in the future. These lenient rules will result in a group of students who are given a high school diploma and even get accepted into college, but then not actually have the skills that were supposed to be developed. 

These students will likely struggle in life because their intellectual capabilities were totally disregarded. They likely won’t be able to keep a job and will blame it on what they’ve been told through the public school system: inequality.

But maybe this is the real goal. These sneaky California politicians are planning far ahead to keep certain groups needing the government’s assistance. It appears those in charge want disadvantaged students to stay where they are so they continue to rely on the state to save them. 

Parents should be paying attention to possible “education reforms” happening at public schools before they’re left with children who are products of a system, not critical thinkers.