Series Summary

This series assesses the immense amount the bible has to say about the social interaction humans conduct that we call “politics” and summarizes the primary themes that are applicable to Americans about our heritage and our responsibilities as American citizens.   Anyone who completes this series should gain a good foundation to understand a biblical philosophy of government and how we ought to interact with it.

Summary Of Each Segment

Part 1: What the bible says about politics (link to mp3 file)
This session demonstrates the immense amount of space the bible dedicates to this topic and presents the biblical basis for the form of government God recommends: self-governance.  It also presents the three pillars of self-governance: rule of law; consent of the governed (with dispersed decision making); and private property

Rule of law (link to mp3 file)
This session sets forth the bible’s emphasis and definition of Rule of Law: God makes the laws, not man, and what God cares about is constructive human interaction.  This is sometimes abbreviated as “Love God, Love Others.”

Consent of the Governed (link to mp3 file)
This session demonstrates the extent to which God goes to grant humans freedom of choice, and encourages us to learn to take responsibility.   Even to the point of delegating to humans to choose our own leaders.

Private property (link to mp3 file)
This session reviews the third pillar of self-governance, the respect and care for the spheres of influence of other people.