When President Obama announced a unilateral threat to every school district in the country that they allow boys in girls bathroom or else, concerned parents across the country got a wake up call to just how out of control the Obama Administration has become.

I wrote an op-ed for Breitbart this week taking on the Administration’s mandate and explaining how the people of Texas are fighting back:

“He’s not a King,” Texas Governor Greg Abbot tweeted recently in response to President Obama’s threat to yank federal funding from schools that don’t want boys to use the girl’s bathrooms.

The administration described the directive as allowing transgendered students to use the bathroom of their choice, even if they choose to use a bathroom that doesn’t align with the gender of their birth. And, no, you can’t question the students to actually determine if they are legitimately “transgendered,” or simply want to hang out in the girls’ bathroom, because… well, don’t be a bigot.

But Texas is not having it. In fact, you get the sense from Gov. Abbott that this transgendered bathroom fiat was the line in the sand that his state simply will not cross… and the Texas GOP is backing him up on it.

You can read the rest of my op-ed here.

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