A vape store clerk was not happy when a man wearing a pro-Trump hat and shirt walked into the store.  And by “not happy” I mean he absolutely freaked out.

Ian Furgeson was attempting to buy some vape gear for his wife at XHale City in Tucker, Georgia, when this happened:

The Daily Caller has the details:

… the clerk begins to ring the customer up but is set off again when Furgeson said, “God bless America, capitalism wins again.”

“F**k capitalism,” the clerk screamed. “F**k your f**king president! He’s a racist, stupid piece of s**t! You’re a racist, stupid piece of shit! F**k off!”

Although all social media accounts for the store seem to have been shut down, Breitbart reported the contents of a post that appeared Friday night saying the store clerk had been fired. Calls to the store went unanswered.

Well, that is such strange behavior, it almost seems fake.  As I watched this video, it seemed to me that I never see an equivalent outburst from a right wing person reacting to someone sporting a #FeelTheBern shirt, a Hillary hat, an Obama bumper sticker, or anything else for that matter. I spent some time searching today, and I can’t find any correlating outbursts… none.  Perhaps there are none on tape, and perhaps they are out there somewhere.  (Let me know if you know of any.)

I do that that this sort of public hysteria is such a regular occurrence on the left, that one doesn’t even have to search to find it.

It’s good that this vape store did the right thing and fired this unstable political nutcase, but — honestly — can’t we all agree that it’s a shame that liberals absolutely get deranged over others not sharing their political opinions?

Image Credit: YouTube

Hat Tip: The Daily Caller 

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