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We can’t have a truly self-governing society if the police feel unsafe.  (When the cops are worried and anxious, it’s not good for anyone.)  Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee understands his, but I don’t think CNN’s Don Lemon expected this:

The bottom line is that people are sick and tired of this anti-police rhetoric, and the Black Lives Matter movement is based on lies, myths, and intimidation.

If you see the contentious interview above, Don Lemon quotes the Washington Post. Here’s the actual study that they are talking about. Draw your own conclusions.

Interestingly, Don Lemon initially refuses to condemn the violence against police…  which is just as morally problematic as Donald Trump refusing to condemn the KKK.  Later in the interview, he manages to say that he condemns “all violence of any kind.”

If that’s the best we can do, folks…

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