Despite the outcry of citizens all over the United States, the issue of the Syrian refugees’ resettlement remains largely unresolved — or should we say “democratically unresolved.”

In spite the protests, the President presses on with his own plan and in response, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama takes the stand, speaking out against his blatantly unsupported decisions.

Breitbart News shares the Senator’s thoughts on the issue.

“The government must endeavor to assist Syrian refugees close to their homes, not resettle them thousands of miles away in the U.S., Sen. Jeff Sessions says.

“I believe this country has got to understand, we cannot be the nation that accepts everybody from any war-torn area of the world,” Sessions told Lou Dobbs on the FOX Business Network.

“It just cannot be. And we need to try to help and help these refugees at their homeland, close to home, and try to help them get back home as soon as possible,” he added.

The Obama administration plans to resettle as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. despite recent terrorist attacks and security concerns voiced by Republicans and government officials. According to Sessions the issue is also about jobs and the high numbers of immigrants the U.S. already admits annually.

“American people want a lawful system of immigration. They want one that serves their interest that protects their jobs, their families, their safety, their hospitals, their schools and they have every right to ask for that,” he said.

The President’s current solution will only create more problems for the people he swore to protect. By helping one group of people, he endangers another. For too long we have allowed our leaders to impose their own desires on the country, despite the wishes of the people.

Our Founding Fathers created a system of checks and balances, which has fallen short of its original design. As American citizens, the Constitution gives us the right to demand accountability from our leaders. The executive branch was created to be the voice and representation of the nation’s citizens. Unfortunately, our President acts independently from the American people.

Democracy has no place for personal agendas.

Read the Senator’s entire statement here.

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