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A vicious teachers’ union, thuggishly bullied school board member Ryan Curioni after he posted an article on his personal blog letting teachers know how they can opt out of union dues.  He was simply providing information he would’ve liked to known himself.

 “If you can read this, thank a teacher,” he wrote.  “If you can’t, thank a teacher’s union.”

Well, that didn’t go over too well with the teachers’ union. The next day “all hell broke loose,” according to Curioni.  He reports that protestors showed up to his work to criticize him, that he was attacked at a meeting, and that his tires have been slashed up to ten times by these thugs….  All for speaking out against the union mafia.

Believe it or not, the union is even asking for an official apology.  What gall!

The union, which represents 241 teachers, is seeking a formal retraction and apology on Curioni’s blog, and that he be barred from participating in any future union negotiations. It is also seeking reimbursement from Curioni of any union dues that the association may have lost due to his blog posts.

If I were the union, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that one.

“This is a free speech issue,” Curioni said. “It’s politically motivated. They’re spoiled brats. When they don’t get their own way they file frivolous counts. They throw things out there to see if they stick.”

It’s time for teachers’ unions to start caring about the children more than they care about enriching themselves.  I, for one, believe that Curioni is a hero for putting up with all this backlash for merely expressing his opinion.  Check out his blog here.  What a wonderful citizen activist — America would be better if we had more men like this guy.

Watch this video and prepare to be amazed at the thuggish behavior of the unions, by clicking continue:

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