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This is very illuminating:

You’d think freedom of speech would be one topic liberals and conservatives could agree on in these fractured times.

Not even close. Welcome to 2017.

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are making a documentary about the attacks on free speeches on college campuses nationwide. The high-profile cases revealing these assaults are too numerous to count at this point.

Google “berkeley” “protests” and “fire” for a primer.

So the podcast king and syndicated talker are hitting the road for “No Safe Spaces.” They’ll engage with today’s college students while underlining how academia is crushing free expression. All the while a camera crew will document their trek.

Here’s the trailer for the film which is being crowdsourced to get the remaining $500,000 the film needs for production:

So how is the media covering this?  (Remember, everyone at least pretends to be for free speech.  Or at least they did until very recently.)  Here’s one headline:

Adam Carolla needs your money to really stick it to those damn “safe spaces”

And here’s a select paragraph to demonstrate the sarcasm:

Adam Carolla has joined the ranks of the numerous comedians—mostly male, mostly white—defending America’s college campuses from the hated “snowflakes” that flurry all over them these days, ruining higher education with their constant demands for their personhood to be acknowledged or treated with respect. also has plenty of condescension dripping from every word:

The widely documented protests against conservative and right-leaning guest speakers at universities and the escalating violence revolving around the free speech debate on campus is getting rehashed in yet another hot take by podcast personality and comedian Adam Carolla.

Then, Vulture take the side of California State University and say the film has a bias.  (“Bias? For free speech?” Christian Toto asks.)  It’s a shame that supporting freedom of speech in America has become sooo 2016.

God bless Dennis Prager and Adam Corolla.  And may the weak-kneed partisan hacks known as journalists begin to see the value of this film’s message.

h/t Hollywood in Toto

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