Behold at what the trans world has wrought.

A 54 year old woman asked a British hospital for her mammogram to be carried out by a biologically female clinician.  Sounds like a reasonable request, especially when you learn that Clare Dimyon was raped as a teen.

Now a lesbian, Dimyon wrote a formal letter asking to be seen by a “natal female.”  She explained that “after being violated by a man when she was ‘little more than a child’ she did not consent to intimate procedures being carried out by people born as boys.”

The Times UK reports that the “staff at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust were ‘visibly shocked’ but sympathetic.”  But the story didn’t end with the hospital simply honoring her request.  Instead, the hospital labeled her letter as transphobic. Then, they published an anonymous version of her letter in their official handbook of what is unacceptable patient behavior

Hospitals should be the safest place in the world for women and rape survivors.  Now, because men are able to falsify their actual records, they are no longer safe.  Women have long decried how transgender males cause them to be ignored and pilloried in the modern culture.  I’ve already written about how biological men compete in women’s athletics – giving them an unfair advantage which will virtually eliminate all women’s sports – and about how authorities have kicked out lesbian protesters as “hateful” towards the trans movement.

This, however, is a new level of disgusting and vile. The world has gone absolutely mad if we force rape victims to have their private areas handled by biological men who believe their women (or, perhaps are pretending to believe they are women).


Image Credit: University of Michigan Medical School Information Services

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