My former home state of California had so much finger-wagging about almost every convenience that it got to the point that I just had to get out of there.  In my new home state of Texas, you can drink out of plastic straws, for example.

California has been the leader (or should I say main agitator) against single-use plastics, and was even on their way to increase their recycling targets. Not now.  A ballot initiative requiring all packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable probably is not going to be presented for a long time as practical needs outweigh political posturing.  With an actual epidemic on their hands, they have to consider reality perhaps for the first time in a while.   

Not only are they not tightening restrictions, they are loosening irrational environmental restrictions as a concession to the Wuhan Flu. The Center for Disease Control advised restaurants that disposable dishes, utensils, napkins and tablecloths should now be used instead of permanent dishware instructions as they try to safely re-open.  Consequently, California now says reusable tableware is permissible under certain restrictions.

Cue the liberal outrage.  Politico reports that not everyone is happy about this development:

California recycling and clean water groups are pushing back on the federal guidance, sending a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom this month questioning surface transmission of the virus and blaming plastics and petrochemicals manufacturers for “trying to influence CDC guidelines for reopening food establishments in their favor.”

“The idea that the CDC recommends that single-use disposable items should be preferred seems a little illogical to me,” said Chris Slafter, interim coordinator of Clean Water Action’s ReThink Disposable program, which gives grants to restaurants and advises them on how to replace single-use food-service items with reusables. “Someone still has to handle that item before it goes into a customer’s hand.”

Honestly, I agree with Chris.  It doesn’t seem logical to me as either.  It’s weird to call characterize single use plastic as evil, when it’s actually just convenient and handy.  (Oh, and in the case of plastic straws, they actually work.)

I’m glad that California is loosening its radical environmental restrictions in favor of common sense and convenience.  It’s almost enough to make me want to move back.

Nah, not really.

Hat Tip: Politico

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