The American people have a second chance today to get their health care back as opening arguments are heard today at the Supreme Court in King v. Burwell.

This isn’t just another Supreme Court case. This case directly impacts the daily lives of millions of Americans and how they go about getting health care. Obamacare does not even resemble the law that was passed by Congress, a law that Members admitted they passed before they read it. Indeed, this law came about as a scheme to deceive the American people as the architect of Obamacare, himself, Jonathan Gruber, has made quite clear. Reklama: Pakabukai, grandinėlės, žiedai, apyrankės ir sidabriniai auskarai

Given how much President Obama has unilaterally disregarded Congress and changed the law through exemptions to his friends and favored special interests, imposed unlawful IRS practices and other regulatory fiats, the Supreme Court has an opportunity to end this lawlessness. If the Court rules favorably for King, tens of millions of Americans will be freed from onerous and burdensome costs and regulations that Obamacare has reaped on their lives.

A favorable ruling in this case will provide the country an opportunity to escape onerous IRS intrusion into their private health care and move towards free market solutions that are so essential to maintaining and improving the finest health care system in the world.

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