Well, what did we tell you?

Right before Thanksgiving, the White House quietly released its plans for new regulations in 2015. They were hoping no one would notice in the holiday rush.

The government has gotten quite good at creating more regulations and “dumping” into the news when no one else is paying attention, so figured there’d be a pre-Christmas info dump.

They didn’t disappoint.

Fox News and the Daily Caller report that the Obama administration has crammed over 1,200 new regulations in 15 days – a New Year’s rush – focusing on energy and the environment. It’s sure to keep the coal industry, environmental activists, and energy experts busy debating the details of costs and effectiveness, but that isn’t the point.

What’s missing – what’s almost always missing – is the question that gets to the heart of the matter. We need to stop endlessly debating environmental, economic, and educational policies that are handed down from on high. Decisions are best made as close to the home as possible, not in D.C. by a faraway bureaucrat who doesn’t live with the consequences of his choice.

Who decides?

According to the Constitution, we do. The citizens should make crucial decisions that affect our businesses and communities.

We’re tired of being over-regulated and tired of the federal government’s machinery that creates more and more rules to keep itself going. Every law passed, every decision made, and every executive action taken needs still more regulation to make sense of it. Come to think of it, most government agencies that require these regulations to stay alive are themselves infringements on our liberties.

It’s time for us to stand up and say “no” to a government that seeks to control everything from who our doctor is to what our child learns in school to how we run our businesses.

Enough is enough.

Over a thousand regulations in two weeks is definitely enough.