A new cartoon featured in The New Yorker has Instapundit raving, “Elitists gotta elite.” That’s a correct assessment.

The cartoon is set inside an airplane cabin. A white, mustached man is standing and speaking to the other passengers: “These smug pilots have lost touch with regular passengers like us. Who thinks I should fly the plane?”

Many hands are raised.

See, that’s The New Yorker’s sly way of slamming conservatives for calling in check an all-too-powerful federal government back in November. But in its efforts to paint those of us who ascribe to small government principles as elitists, the magazine uncovered itself as such.

And like Instapundit also noted, “Our credentialed-but-not-educated elites have crashed the plane plenty of times. They always walk away unscathed afterward. The folks back in Economy Class, not so much.”

It’s these smug liberals who are the ones clinging to bitterness because the folks in Economy Class have spoken. At the same time, it’s this liberal elitist attitude that gave rise to their own nemesis in Donald Trump, as the Federalist co-founder Sean Davis said:

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