Hearts across America mourn the loss of one the most influential Fist Ladies in American history. Most well known for her “Just Say No” campaign, Nancy Reagan made an impact that will last for generations to come.

James Rosebush, Deputy Assistant to President Reagan and Chief of Staff to First Lady Nancy Reagan, suggests the First Lady brought much more to the White House than may be seen at first glance. Breitbart News  had the opportunity to interview Rosebush and shares his insightful words:

“I always say the American taxpayer got a good deal with Nancy Reagan,” Rosebush said…

“She knew that she was not elected,” Rosebush said. “She was there in a supportive role and she used her own bully pulpit to draw attention and put a spotlight on things she cared about.”

Bringing back the gravity and prestige of the presidency was a big deal to the Reagans, according to Rosebush, and it is not just there for the president’s “aggrandizement.” Nancy Reagan had a huge role to play in bringing back that prestige and Rosebush said that “when you went to the White House, you felt it.”

This was done to demonstrate the “American ideal” and “American exceptionalism.” The White House would the the shining city on a hill that demonstrated American power to the word and gave the American people pride in their government.

Rosebush said that Nancy made the White House “influential and inspiring.”

Throughout her life and career as First Lady, Nancy Reagan exemplified the pride we should all feel as Americans. Our duty as citizens of this great nation, is to restore the pride in our government she worked so hard to build.

Stand with us to honor her memory as First Lady and American patriot. She will be deeply missed and her absence will be sorely felt.

Photo Credit:Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com