Unless you’ve become a clear-cut victim of technology censorship, you’ve likely heard of the sharp rise in heart issues in the past year.

Myocarditis has become a huge cause for concern as it relates to the Covid-19 vaccines. Since the distribution of mRNA vaccines developed in record time with not one long-term study, heart issues and the rise in sudden deaths have become suspicious. 

Data released under court order shows 1 in 3 among the earliest populations to get vaccinated reported needing medical care, missing school or work, or inability to “perform normal daily activities,” reports Just the News. The CDC ignored heart injuries and other concerns and instead distributed the vaccine to the entire nation. 

Whatever the reason for the rise, the data points don’t lie, which means the media must pounce on this early enough in order to produce the desired narrative. The narrative the mainstream media is concocting at this very moment. involves the cause of most things these days: climate change.

That’s no embellishment. 

A new international study published in the American Heart Association journal on Monday links cardiovascular deaths to extreme highs and lows in outdoor temperature. It analyzed 32 million cardiovascular deaths over four decades and found there were more deaths on days when temperatures were at their highest or lowest.


A Canadian news outlet reported on the study, explaining that “for every 1,000 cardiovascular deaths, extreme hot days accounted for 2.2 additional deaths, while extreme cold days accounted for 9.1 additional deaths.”

Is their premise based around hot or cold temps? Apparently it’s neither, which is a strategic approach to take. No matter if it gets hotter or colder, it’s climate change and it’s detrimental. 

Here’s the deal. No one ever debated whether the climate varies. In fact, it is undeniable that climate changes not just on a seasonal basis but also on a daily basis. And yes, on a generational basis as well.

The whole idea of the study is that extreme weather is the cause. But there has always been an ‘extreme’ high and low for every generation and there always will be.

The one thing to remember: when it’s below zero this winter and you’re experiencing radical, extremist-type weather conditions, it’s what’s causing your heart to palpitate, not the fact that you have seven mRNA vaccines invading your bloodstream.  

It’s daunting to think that health effects like heart failure are appearing as a result of extreme weather. So you must feel the guilt of your existence and then surrender your freedom so the government can protect everyone. 

Our days are limited, not because life on earth is temporary, but because of the weather. Remember, like wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, giving up your rights is not just to protect you from the climate, it’s for everyone around you. 

About The Author

Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.