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Last week, I wrote an article called, “7 Ways Google Promotes a Culture of Rabid Intolerance towards Conservatives” and many of you were shocked at the inherent bias the search engine showed against conservatives.  Well, here’s more fuel for that fire.

Google apparently has a virtual home assistant — like Amazon’s Alexa — that serves as an electronic appliance from which you can get all kinds of information.  To get the machine’s attention, you have to start your request with “Hey Google.”  This activates the machine and causes the person to get an answer to whatever question they’ve asked.

Recently, a man decided to see what his virtual home assistant would say about various religious figures.  He asked the machine several questions:

“Hey Google, who is Mohammed.”

He received a long explanation about this religious figurehead of Islam.

“Hey Google, who is Buddha?”

He received a long explanation about this central figure of Buddhism.

“Hey Google, who is Jesus Christ?”

The machine said it could not help him with that request.  So, the man asked the question in a different way.  “Hey Google, who is Jesus?”

Once again, the machine refused to give an answer.  Apparently, the machine was perfectly able to define and describe all kinds of religious leaders, but not Jesus.  Watch the video below:

IJR reports that “Google has decided to get rid of religion altogether after its virtual assistant was unable to answer questions about Jesus.”  Here is their full explanation about why the information about Jesus was inadequate:

Now if you ask Google who Jesus is, she responds in this way:

“Religion can be complicated, and I’m still learning.”

Looks like Google is, too.

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