The comedienne who posed for a 2017 photo while holding what looked to be a decapitated head of President Donald Trump is shocked – shocked – that it’s hard for her to get roles now.  No longer represented by an agent, Kathy Griffin was fired from her CNN New Year’s Eve hosting job after alienating one half of America.

Well, let’s be more accurate.  Even supporters of Hillary Clinton thought that photo was in the poorest of taste, so I should probably say “most” of America.

Now without a job, she has resorted to begging for roles by directly contacting executive producers and showrunners via social media. 

“I’m certainly learning how to do more things, as they say ‘in house,’ and (it’s) one of the things that I became proactive about after the Trump scandal because it’s kind of like Hollywood feels like I have something that they’re going to catch… People don’t want to get Kathy Griffin-ed.”

What would it mean to be “Kathy Griffin-ed,” exactly?  Does that mean to do something really dumb, believing that the sheer glory of your liberalism will protect you?  Not realizing how out-of-step (let alone mean) your actions are compared to the rest of America?

I don’t think that’s what she means, but that’s the truth of the matter.

“I straight up was just begging for five lines on something that would be seen by people that had nothing to do with Trump – nothing that was controversial,” she told USA Today, claiming she only got that 90 seconds of work on a Netflix show called “You” because the showrunner was a homosexual.

 “(“You” showrunner Greg Berlanti) called me up, he was so nice he said, you know he’s a gay guy, he said ‘You know Kathy after all you’ve done for the community, all these decades I’m happy to do this for you.'”

Wow.  After a lifetime of good work, you’d think she could do better than a 90 second cameo, but that’s just me.

Instead of looking at the Trump photo as ill-advised and horrific, she – of course – is taking exactly the wrong lessons from the debacle.

“While the picture has caused me a lot of duress it’s also made me global, everybody knows the crazy red-haired lady from the photo,” she said. “It has made me more fearless and I really feel strongly that whoever comes at me, they have to understand I’ve prevailed against the president of the United States.”

Okay, if that’s how she wants to describe being blacklisted from the only job she ever loved.  

Whatever lets her sleep at night.

The rest of America is sleeping just fine.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Hat Tip: USA Today

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