It must be tiring to be perpetually outraged over every little thing, but the left is indefatigable.  Their fury was recently targeted at the restaurant chain “Jack in the Box,” because of a new ad called “Jack’s Bowls.”  The ad introduces their new chicken teriyaki bowls, but the humor is too much for hand-wringing libs.  Why?  They say it champions sexual innuendo in the workplace.

Writer David Griner wrote that this is “basically a minute of incessant genital jokes.”

Jokes!?  Pass the smelling salts!

The company responded with a gigantic, “wait, wut?”  The ad, they explained, had nothing to do with the #MeToo movement:

This ad is a creative and humorous expression around the teriyaki bowl, highlighting how a burger brand such as Jack in the Box has the guts—or ‘bowls’—to go beyond the usual and serve something other than burgers. This ad is not diminishing any movement, and we stand firmly against any form of harassment and value those who have the guts to combat it.

Interesting statement.  I appreciate the guts they are displaying by not backing down to the bullies of political correctness.  America was not built by people who are triggered by every little thing, and it can’t be sustained by such people.

Under the YouTube ad, the company cheekily writes:

Jack in the Box wants it to be known that any of the following phrases are simply a reference to Jack’s delicious Teriyaki Bowls: “Try my bowls” “Nice bowls” “Get your hands on my bowls” “Taste my bowls” “Enjoy my bowls” “Get both my bowls” “Check out my bowls” “How are my bowls?” “Look at my bowls” “Saucy bowls” “Meaty bowls” “My jealous competitors are always busting my bowls” “You’re gonna love my bowls”

Of course, this shouldn’t have to be said, but the American left: Mean and Humorless.  It’s beginning to sound a lot like Marxism.  Oh wait…

Watch the ad yourself… if you can handle an ad about chicken:

Hat Tip: Daily Wire

Image Credit: Screen Cap

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