In November, a conservative student at California State University-Chico  — Campus Reform Correspondent Michael Curry – was attacked by a leftist who was advocating for “Black Lives Matter.”

Curry jumped up next to her with an “All Lives Matter” sign. The leftist student began shouting profanities.  “Get the f-ck out of my fucking space,” she said.  She also grabbed the piece of paper, tore it, and hit him with it.

Because this was all caught on camera, the student is facing a battery charge.

“There is no doubt in my mind that if the situation was reversed I would have been expelled…”   said Curry, who later gave Campus Reform an interview about all that transpired:

“She was seen screaming at people passing by saying people should ‘Kill the GOP’ and that Republicans want all black and trans people dead,” Curry recounted in an interview with Campus Reform. “She held a sign that said ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ and I stood with a sign that said ‘All Lives Matter’,“ he added.

“She started yelling at people, saying that Republicans want to kill all trans people [and] all black people and that we wanted to kill anybody who wasn’t a straight white man … In reality, most of the people we have tabling with us were not straight white men. We have a hugely diverse club,” said Curry. 

“I stood up there and held the sign. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t look at her … She started yelling at me, accusing me of harassing her … She actually grabbed my sign and struck me with it.” 

The leftist student, by the way, is the one that called the police.  She also called an ambulance, saying she had been triggered into a panic attack. This, of course, is the completely wrong reaction to speech that offends you.

There should be more speech on campus, not less.  If someone is saying something you disagree with, you should not to try to silence your opponent.  Instead, counter a bad argument with a better one.

That’s the American way.  Or, at least, it used to be.

Watch the filmed interaction below:

Hat Tip: Campus Reform

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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