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I’m going to show you a Howard Dean video, but don’t worry it’s not this one:

Recently, however, he did something even more hilarious while in front of a microphone.  At an event at Flippable in New York City, he was asked a question about the Convention of States Project.  As you know, I’m one the President of that project, so I was interested to hear his response.  Recently, Hillary Clinton flubbed some basic facts about it, so how would Howard do?

“The threat is the complete collapse of our democracy,” he said. “It’ll be full of special interests who will want to do all kinds of right wing nut jobs things.”

So, not so good.

What are “all kinds of right wing nut job things” exactly?  The last I checked most Americans want to restrict the overbearing, incompetent federal bureaucracy… But I must hang out with a different crowd than Howard.  After all, the ruling “elite” love the federal government like children love candy at Halloween.

Howard went on to say, “We have to be really clear about how to stop this.”  He said it wasn’t by writing a bunch of letters to the editor.  Instead, he said they were going to try to make sure that there were Democrats in the state legislatures.

Of course, the liberals are apoplectic because they know that a Convention of States is the most effective way that actual Americans (you know, the ones that write those letters to the editor) can actually save this nation from “political leaders” like Howard.

Watch the video below and hear the fear in his voice. That’s the sound of democracy, folks.


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