SIDE with CSG to restore America to its founding principles!


Americans from all political parties still believe in our Republic!

  • Connect Americans who believe that decisions are best made by the individual, family, or community.
  • Expose partisan politics when it is used to divide Americans.
  • Oppose the gridlock, distractions, and exploitations used by the ruling elite to marginalize individuals.


Out with top-down governance, in with self-governance!

  • Enable citizens to replace legislators at all levels of government when their actions diverge from the will of the people.
  • Educate citizens on the importance of primary elections.
  • Reduce the influence of big corporations and union bosses.
  • Expose officials who abuse their power for their own political or personal gain.


Who should decide? The answer is YOU!

  • Turn the tide of growing centralization of government through citizen education and action.
  • Educate citizens on the role of the states and the constitutional limits on the federal government.
  • Support government transparency.
  • Disperse budget responsibility to the appropriate level of state or local government.


You can’t decide without engaging!

  • Provide information, best practices and other resources to help citizens achieve exercise self-governance.
  • Provide resources to enable private sector citizens to engage effectively in the political process.
  • Nourish a network of like-minded citizens and organizations that can support and leverage each other’s efforts.

These four pillars stand as individual but dependent components necessary for the return to America’s founding principles of self-governance.

Citizens for Self-Governance can equip you to become a champion of self-governance. Get involved . . . and you do not need to go it alone. Let Citizens for Self-Governance help you make a difference!