President Trump issued a Muslim ban, and now people are dying. See what a tyrant this man is? That’s what the press would like us to believe.

On Wednesday, multiple media outlets had to retract a story which was never checked but widely accepted as fact because it fit the correct narrative. Here’s basically how it read across most outlets, including a Fox News affiliate in Detroit: An Iraq war vet flew back to the Middle East to bring his ailing mother to the U.S. for medical treatment but was blocked by President Trump’s ban, and while waiting for approval, she died from her illness. The son, Mike Hager, was quoted as saying if the ban weren’t in place, his mother would be alive.

“She’s gone because of him,” BuzzFeed quoted.

ThinkProgress joined in, posting sad pictures of the mother’s last moments. So did New York Daily News and even noted journalist Ron Fournier, who dramatically tweeted, “This US citizen served his country and we do this to him?”

But the real story came from the family’s Imam at their local mosque who said the man’s mother had died five days before the executive order. And the retractions poured in as these outlets discovered they’d been duped by another hoax and exposed as hack journalists. Do they even search for the truth anymore?

Just look at the roster conservative writer Stephen Miller collected of those with no interest in verification:

Is this the best they can do? If journalism isn’t dead, it’s certainly in critical condition. How can they label conservative outfits “fake news” and yet fall for fake news? No longer can they be trusted. It’s another reminder that we have a duty to be personally responsible and check into things ourselves before believing everything we read. But good luck with that, liberals.

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Mark Meckler

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