Everybody hates corrupt politicians and wants to return to the days of REAL public servants. Our economic system of Capitalism has been replaced by the Crony Capitalism of long term incumbents who no longer need to be accountable to the people. We can restore representative government by replacing these unpopular politicians.

Out with the bad, in with the good.

According to Rasmussen, 6% of likely voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. 68% of likely voters think Congress is doing a poor job.

When you review the voting records, you will find that congressmen chronically ignore the wishes of the people in their districts. It’s no wonder that congressional approval ratings are at record lows.

  • If Congress isn’t representing voters, who are they representing? If you follow the money, you’ll see corporate lobbyists and special interest groups pouring record sums into congressional PACs to influence their decisions
  • The recent formation of citizen break-away groups like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street reflect the growing concern that Washington isn’t working

When citizens believe their representatives aren’t working for them many check out of the system, resulting in chronically low turn-out which is bad for everyone – except special interests.

Only 10% of those who vote in the general election vote in the primary elections. We all agree that changing the system is slow and difficult, but having success within the system is much quicker and more encouraging.

General elections make it almost impossible to vote for congressional change, but primary elections offer a way to beat the system without changing the system.

When Citizens vote for change in their primaries, their voice is louder and the potential for change is much greater. In some districts, it takes only a few thousand votes to make the difference between an entrenched and unrepresentative incumbent and a new legislator chosen by the people to better represent their interests.

What Does it Take to Support this Change?

To make the system work for us, citizens need three things:

  • Primary challengers to run against incumbents (Many now run unopposed)
  • Information on voting records – especially when the votes of their elected representative aren’t representative
  • Reminders to turn out for the primary elections – by expanding the voter pool American’s can weaken the incumbent’s grip on a district

Bottom Line: The system will work with a little TLC: Turnout, Learning and Challengers.

We are not saying throw them all out, we are saying throw the bad ones out and return the power to the citizens by voting in the primary election which amplifies our voices as citizens.

“Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported back, it improves exponentially.”

-Pearson’s Law

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