The fashionable left used to speak “truth to power,” fists raised in defiance. In its purest form, this meant they held onto their beliefs strongly and advocated for them even more strongly until society has no other choice but pay attention. Then, they changed their tactics. Shedding the pretense of “principled stands,” they began making bold, provocative claims without regard to consequences.

Regrettably, that devolved even more, when the left stopped caring about the veracity of the claims — as long as they riled up their political opponents. Now, the left has abandoned any remnant it had of civility and is indulging itself in divisive positions and rhetoric, creating a unique anti-momentum like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Perhaps it all went downhill for them with the hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Before this moment, an ever-widening enthusiasm gap existed between Republican and Democratic voters. Literally all the Democrats had to do was act like a normal group of people in order to capitalize off the natural momentum of the midterms.

But no.

With their unsubstantiated claims — which got wilder and wilder with every passing news cycle — the left went crazy. Though their antics energized their base, everything they did had an equal or greater reaction in the Republican base. The Democrats, not chastened by their miscalculation, continued to feed the monster they created.

If you scan the news, you can see this in action. “Kick Them Holder,” “No Civility Hillary,” “Get-in-their-Faces-Booker-and-Waters,” “Impeach Kavanaugh,” “Impeach Trump,” “Pack the Supreme Court and the lower courts,” “get rid of the Electoral College,” and other radical rallying cries. Each is supported by the Democratic party at large. In fact, the many instances of actual violence that have occurred actually invigorate the radical fringe of their base. They are either explicitly or implicitly supported by the leadership of the Democratic Party and the pals in the media and elite institutions.

But they don’t know the effect they’re having.

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