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Things have been getting more and more out of control on college campuses with the continued rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. But what happened Tuesday night at DePaul University in Chicago is nothing less than an all-out assault on freedom of speech.

Breitbart’s always controversial Milo Yiannopoulos was brought in to speak at a conservative event and like many times before when he arrives on campus, all hell broke loose. This time, however, there were threats of physical violence as BLM activists stormed the stage and took over the event.

Here are two pieces of footage as the mayhem begins:

We now know that the ringleader, seen above, is Edward Ward. The female is not known at this time. These two opened the floodgates for other BLM activists to line up in front of the stage; their collective shouting, along with the audience’s raucous disapproval, effectively shut down the event. Ward later said he felt his “safety” was in jeopardy and decided to put a stop to all of the “hate speech” coming from the stage.

“When I went, I was open to listen to what was being said, I was open to listen and try to understand,” Ward said to Heat Street. “But when it’s coming from a point of ignorance, when you make these blatant statements about feminists, when you make blatant statements about the LGBTQ community, when you make statements about black people – then it becomes a problem, because when you use this kind of hatred people like us end up dead. You get Charleston. These are what you get as a result of his type of speech and rhetoric.”

The only person’s safety that was threatened was Yiannopoulos’s, as seen in the second video above, where the female puts her fist in his face and verbally accosts him. (She blamed it on her voice being silenced “for 200 years.”) It must have also been a little unnerving to watch a group of angry protesters storm the stage.

Security was on hand but they didn’t intervene. It is reported that DePaul forced Breitbart and the organizers of the event to pay for and provide their own security, and yet they did nothing to help.

Yiannopoulos decided to end the event early and escorted the audience to follow him to the president’s office so that students could inform him that they felt unsafe.

But it was the activists who were threatening and disrupting a free speech event that should’ve been allowed to continue. Police were even on the campus but stood idly by and let the chaos continue. Legal Insurrection reported that a conservative filmographer, Jeremy Segal (Rebel Pundit) was actually arrested outside of the event for filming the protesters. Apparently, that’s where the police drew the line.

As for Ward, he remains unrepentant and stated his intentions to continue shutting down these types of events. He justifies his actions by redefining conservative speech as “hate speech.”

“This is not a point of shutting down free speech, it’s the point of shutting down hate speech,” he said.

He’s wrong to think he is fighting hate, when in reality, he’s fighting against freedom and the right of people to hold a variety of opinions. There is a concerning amount of college students who are caving to the pressure that the Black Lives Matter movement is shoving down their throats. It is being allowed to slowly erode individual liberties, just like the frog that slowly boils. It’s not just a sinister plot to ruffle a few feathers, this is war for freedom’s sake. Let’s hope more students will wise up, rise up, and reclaim their constitutional rights.

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